How to Build an End Portal in Minecraft

Materials Needed for an End Portal

To build an End Portal in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  1. 12 End Portal Frames – These blocks can only be obtained by finding them in Stronghold structures located underground. Each Stronghold contains a portal room with an incomplete End Portal Frame that requires 12 End Portal Frames to complete.

  2. Eye of Enders – You will need to craft or obtain 12 Eye of Enders to activate the End Portal. To make an Eye of Ender, combine an Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder.

  3. Diamond Pickaxe – You will need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine the End Portal Frames in the Stronghold.

  4. Food and Armor – To avoid hunger and protect yourself from mobs, bring food and armor with you to the Stronghold.

Once you have all the materials, you are ready to begin building your End Portal.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building an End Portal

Here are the steps to build an End Portal in Minecraft:

  1. Find a Stronghold – Use Eye of Enders to locate a Stronghold underground. Follow the direction that the Eye of Ender goes until it falls to the ground, then dig down to find the Stronghold.

  2. Locate the Portal Room – Once you find the Stronghold, look for the portal room. It is a square room with a lava fountain in the center and an incomplete End Portal Frame.

  3. Place End Portal Frames – Place an End Portal Frame in each of the 12 empty spots around the portal room. Use a Diamond Pickaxe to mine the frames if needed.

  4. Insert Eye of Enders – Place an Eye of Ender in each End Portal Frame. The Eye of Ender should face inward towards the center of the portal.

  5. Activate the Portal – Once all 12 Eye of Enders are placed, the End Portal will activate. Jump into the portal to enter The End dimension.

Congratulations, you have successfully built an End Portal!

Tips for Finding End Portal Frames

Finding End Portal Frames in a Stronghold can be challenging, but here are some tips to help you locate them:

  1. Listen for Silverfish – Strongholds are made of stone bricks, but some of these blocks are actually Silverfish Blocks. When broken, Silverfish Blocks release Silverfish mobs. Breaking a Silverfish Block can reveal a secret room with an End Portal Frame.

  2. Look for Library Rooms – Strongholds often contain Library Rooms with bookshelves. Look for hidden doors behind the bookshelves that can lead to a room with an End Portal Frame.

  3. Use TNT – If you are having trouble finding the End Portal Frames, consider using TNT to blast your way through the Stronghold. This method can be risky, but it may reveal hidden rooms and End Portal Frames.

  4. Bring a Water Bucket – If you fall into a pit of lava while exploring the Stronghold, a water bucket can save you. Place the water bucket above you to create a waterfall that will prevent fall damage and extinguish the lava.

By using these tips, you can increase your chances of finding the End Portal Frames and building an End Portal in Minecraft.

How to Activate an End Portal

To activate an End Portal in Minecraft, you need to place an Eye of Ender in each of the 12 End Portal Frames that make up the portal. Here are the steps to activate an End Portal:

  1. Place End Portal Frames – Locate a portal room in a Stronghold and place End Portal Frames in all 12 empty spots around the room.

  2. Insert Eye of Enders – Once all 12 End Portal Frames are in place, insert an Eye of Ender in each frame. The Eye of Ender should face inward towards the center of the portal.

  3. Check for Completion – After inserting all 12 Eyes of Ender, check to make sure that each frame has an Eye of Ender inserted. If any frame is missing an Eye of Ender, the End Portal will not activate.

  4. Jump into the Portal – Once all 12 Eyes of Ender are inserted and the End Portal is complete, jump into the portal to enter The End dimension.

It’s important to note that End Portals cannot be activated in Creative mode. You must be in Survival or Adventure mode to activate an End Portal.

What to Expect When Entering the End Portal

Entering the End Portal in Minecraft will transport you to The End dimension, a dark and eerie world inhabited by Endermen and guarded by the Ender Dragon. Here’s what you can expect when entering the End Portal:

  1. The End Dimension – The End dimension is a dark and barren world consisting of a central island surrounded by outer islands. The central island is where you will find the Ender Dragon and the End Portal that will return you to the Overworld.

  2. Endermen – Endermen are common mobs in The End dimension. They are neutral until you look at them, and then they will become aggressive and attack you. Endermen are immune to projectiles and can teleport, so be cautious when dealing with them.

  3. Ender Dragon – The Ender Dragon is a boss mob that guards the central island in The End dimension. It has a variety of attacks and can be difficult to defeat, so be prepared with weapons and armor.

  4. End City – After defeating the Ender Dragon, you can find End Cities in the outer islands. End Cities contain valuable loot and are guarded by Shulkers, a unique mob that can teleport and shoot projectiles.

Entering the End Portal can be a challenging and exciting experience in Minecraft. Be prepared for the dangers of The End dimension and enjoy the rewards of exploring this unique and mysterious world.

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