How to Make a Delicious Smashburger at Home: Step-by-Step Recipe

Are you craving a delicious burger but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home? Making a smashburger at home is easier than you might think! While the origins of the smashburger are unclear, it has quickly become a popular style of burger due to its juicy and crispy texture. In this post, we’ll guide you through all the steps of making a smashburger that will have your taste buds dancing. With just a few simple ingredients and some helpful tips, you’ll soon be enjoying restaurant-quality burgers right in your own kitchen. So let’s get started!



Who doesn’t love a good burger? Juicy, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying, burgers are a true American classic. While there are plenty of fast food chains that serve up their own version of this beloved dish, there’s something special about making your own homemade burger – especially when you’re talking about a smashburger.

A smashburger is a type of burger that’s made by smashing the patty down onto a hot griddle or skillet. This creates a crispy, caramelized crust on the outside while keeping the inside juicy and tender. It’s a simple yet effective technique that results in a deliciously flavorful burger every time.

But don’t worry – you don’t need to be a professional chef to make a great smashburger. With just a few key ingredients and some basic cooking skills, you can whip up a restaurant-quality burger in your own kitchen. And the best part? You can customize it to your heart’s content, adding all your favorite toppings and condiments for a truly personalized burger experience.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to make a delicious smashburger at home. From choosing the right meat to seasoning your patties to assembling the perfect burger, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create a mouthwatering homemade burger that will have everyone asking for seconds. So let’s get started!

Ingredients You’ll Need

When it comes to making a delicious smashburger at home, having the right ingredients is key. Here are the must-have items you’ll need to get started:

  • Ground Beef: Look for freshly ground beef with a fat content of around 80%. This will help keep your burger juicy and flavorful.

  • Brioche Buns: The bun is just as important as the patty itself! Choose brioche buns for their soft texture and slightly sweet taste.

  • Cheddar Cheese: A slice of cheddar cheese adds a creamy, savory element to your burger.

  • Pickles: Dill pickles provide a tangy crunch that pairs perfectly with the rich flavor of the beef.

  • Lettuce, Tomato, Onion: These classic burger toppings add freshness and texture. Be sure to slice them thinly so they don’t overpower the other flavors.

  • Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard: These condiments are essential for adding flavor and moisture to your smashburger. Mix them together for a classic “special sauce” or use them separately to customize your burger to your liking.

By investing in quality ingredients, you’ll create a burger that’s not only satisfying but also bursting with flavor. Don’t skimp on these staples – they’re what elevate a simple burger into a delicious meal.

Preparing the Smashburger Patties

Preparing the Smashburger Patties

When it comes to making a delicious smashburger, the patty is the star of the show. To create the perfect patty, you’ll need to start with high-quality beef that contains enough fat to keep the meat juicy and flavorful.

Start by selecting ground beef that has a good balance of fat and lean meat. You should aim for a fat content of around 20% to 30%. Anything less than 20% can result in dry, flavorless burgers, while anything more than 30% can cause excessive shrinkage and flare-ups on the grill or griddle.

Once you have your beef, it’s time to form your patties. For a classic smashburger, shape your beef into thin, even-sized discs that are slightly larger than the buns you’ll be using. This will ensure that the burgers cook evenly and fit perfectly on your buns.

Next, season your patties generously with salt and pepper. You can also add other spices or herbs to customize the flavor of your burgers. Some popular options include garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and cumin.

Now it’s time for the fun part – smashing your patties! Using a heavy-duty spatula or a dedicated burger smasher tool, press down on each patty until it’s about 1/4-inch thick. This technique creates a crispy, caramelized crust on the outside of the burger while keeping the inside juicy and tender.

Be sure to work quickly and only smash one patty at a time to prevent the meat from sticking to your utensil. Also, remember not to overcook your burgers. Aim for a medium-rare to medium level of doneness to ensure maximum juiciness and flavor.

In summary, preparing the perfect smashburger patty involves selecting quality beef, forming thin and evenly shaped discs, seasoning well, and smashing to create a crusty exterior and juicy interior. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a mouthwatering burger that will rival any restaurant’s version.

Cooking Your Smashburger

Cooking Your Smashburger

Cooking the perfect smashburger requires more than just throwing a patty on a grill. In this section, we’ll go over the essential steps to ensure your smashburgers turn out juicy and delicious every time.

Griddle or Skillet

First, let’s talk about the best cooking surface for your smashburger. While you can certainly use a grill, a flat-top griddle or skillet is preferred. This allows for even heat distribution and helps to create that crispy outer crust on your patty.


Next, it’s important to get your cooking surface hot. You want it to be around 375-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat will help sear the meat quickly, locking in the juices and flavors.


Timing is crucial when it comes to cooking a smashburger. You want to cook each side of your patty for about 2-3 minutes. This allows for a good sear without overcooking the meat. Remember, you’re looking for an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit for ground beef.


When it comes to flipping your smashburger, less is more. You only need to flip once and ideally, you should wait until the patty releases easily from the griddle. This usually happens after about 1-2 minutes of cooking. Resist the urge to press down on the patty with a spatula as this will release precious juices and result in a dry burger.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to create perfectly cooked smashburgers every time. Happy cooking!

Assembling Your Smashburger

Assembling Your Smashburger

Now that you’ve cooked your perfectly smashed patties, it’s time to assemble your smashburger. Here are some tips for creating a delicious burger that will have your taste buds singing with joy.

Choose brioche buns or any other soft bun that can hold the patty and toppings without falling apart. Toasting the buns is optional but highly recommended as it adds more texture and flavor to your burger.

When it comes to cheese on a smashburger, cheddar is a classic choice that melts beautifully. However, feel free to experiment with other types of cheese such as pepper jack, blue cheese, or Swiss.

The toppings are where you can get creative! Lettuce, tomato, and onion are always a great starting point. But why not try adding avocado, bacon, fried egg, jalapeƱos, or mushrooms? The options are endless!

Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are staples for most burgers, but don’t forget about barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, hot sauce, or even aioli. Pick your favorite condiments and customize the flavors to your liking.

When assembling your smashburger, be sure to layer everything properly to ensure that each bite has all the flavors in it. Start with your bottom bun, then add your condiments, followed by lettuce and tomato slices. Then, place your perfectly smashed patty on top of the veggies. Add cheese on top of the patty, and finally, top it off with any additional toppings you like. Finish it off with the top bun and enjoy your delicious homemade smashburger!

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to assembling your smashburger. Get creative and make it to your liking. And don’t forget to pair it with your favorite side dish and drink for the ultimate burger experience.



In conclusion, making your own smashburger at home is not only easy but also incredibly satisfying. With just a few simple ingredients and cooking tips, you can create a delicious burger that rivals those served in restaurants.

The beauty of the smashburger is that it allows for the perfect combination of crispy edges and juicy center. By smashing the ground beef onto a hot griddle, you create a caramelized crust that adds depth to the flavor profile of the burger. And with the ability to customize the toppings to your liking, you can truly make it your own.

One of the best things about this easy recipe is that it’s highly adaptable. You can switch up the cheese, add bacon or avocado, or even experiment with different sauces to create your own signature smashburger. Plus, it’s a fun and interactive way to get friends and family involved in the cooking process.

So why settle for a mediocre burger when you can make an amazingly delicious homemade smashburger? Give it a try and see for yourself how easy and rewarding it can be. Your taste buds will thank you!
After following this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you now have all the tools necessary to create a delicious smashburger in the comfort of your own home. From selecting the right ingredients to perfecting the patty and cooking it to perfection, making a homemade smashburger has never been easier. With this recipe, you can enjoy a juicy burger that rivals any restaurant-quality meal. So why not put your skills to the test and impress your friends and family with your newfound culinary expertise? Remember to experiment with different toppings and condiments to make your smashburger uniquely yours. Happy cooking!

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