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    How Big is Aruba?

    Geographical Location and Boundaries of Aruba Aruba is a small island country located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, about 29 kilometers (18 miles) north of the coast of Venezuela. It is part of a group of islands called the Lesser Antilles, which includes other popular tourist destinations like St. Lucia, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago. Aruba is…

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    How Big is Washington D.C.?

    Geographical Size of Washington D.C. Washington D.C. covers a total area of 68.34 square miles (177.00 square kilometers), according to the United States Census Bureau. Of this area, 61.05 square miles (158.13 square kilometers) is land, and 7.29 square miles (18.87 square kilometers) is water. Washington D.C. is located on the east coast of the United States and is bordered…

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